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  • What if our guests do not know how to play?
    No problem. Our dealers will teach your guests how to play. Once they learn, they are able to take what they learned and play at real casinos.
  • Can your dealers receive tips?
    Yes. Dealers can receive tips. Tips are appreciated but are not expected.
  • How many hours is included in the rate?
    Our parties are for a minimum of three hours. If you want more hours, no problem. We can add additional hours for an additional rate.
  • What all is included in the rate?
    Our rates include the dealers, cards, chips, tickets, stools for blackjacks and roulettes, etc. We do not provide chairs for holdem or prizes.
  • How do you handle the end of the night and finding the winners for the prizes?
    Our main way to handle prizes is by doing a raffle drawing. This gives everybody a chance to win even if they do not play.
  • Can you do the biggest winner?
    We can do the biggest winner, but only if there is no alcohol being served or provided. TABC will not allow us to do biggest winner as there cannot be a guaranteed winner.
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